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Those of us that know someone affected by dementia know all too well how hard it is. 


Dementia New Zealand is working to beat stigma, and we have seen some real success over the last few months in raising awareness and starting conversations about the need for action and investment, especially as COVID-19 highlighted the vulnerability of people with dementia and their need for support.


September is World Alzheimer’s Month. This is our opportunity to start changing the conversation, and you can help.


Let’s make the most of this month... discuss dementia with family, friends and work colleagues – please be our champion, highlighting this growing condition, shining a light for all the heroes that are providing 24/7 care to those in need.


Talking about dementia tackles stigma, it normalises language and encourages people to get information, advice and seek help. Encouraging people and making it safe leads to people with dementia and their carers being able to continue living within the community with dignity and to live as well as possible.


Spread the word and stay safe.

Make a donation

We’ve made it our mission to challenge perceptions around dementia, and provide guidance and support so that those affected will have the freedom and confidence to continue to make the most of every day.


However, we can’t do this alone. Donations received from people just like you go directly towards Supporting families who are on a journey with dementia. The financial contribution you provide plays a significant part in ensuring they feel supported and best prepared for that journey.


To offer important support to our community, we rely on volunteers who graciously donate their time to help us. The invaluable contribution of volunteers at all levels is what helps Regional Dementia New Zealand Affiliates to operate and deliver services as successfully as we do.

Involve your company

Four out of five people in your community are affected by dementia. That means it’s likely a cause close to the hearts of your employees, your customers and your corporate networks.

There are several ways your business can show support for Dementia New Zealand, while also demonstrating the values and community-minded ethos behind your brand. Together, we can raise awareness and ensure that our communities have the support and guidance they need.

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